Bio: AKPOVETA PHILIP AGHOGHO is a dynamic multitalented young man. He is a Technologist by profession. He holds a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Degree in Science Laboratory Technology and he is an Associate member of the Association of Science Laboratory Technology of Nigeria (ASLTON). AKPOVETA, Philip A. is known for his captivating way of speaking that brings out reality from concepts. He has featured as a guest speaker in various NGO's, Campus Fellowships, Christian Retreats, Mentoring Meetings and Churches. One of his present preoccupation is recruiting and mentoring Teenagers, training and impacting them in the art of what he calls 'High Voltage Living'. This, he runs under the sub organisation TeenEMERALD. AKPOVETA, Philip A. has core values serving as a guide to his life and upon which he thrives. They include; ¤ EXCELLENCE ¤ INTERGRITY ¤ COMMITTMENT ¤ CHASTITY ¤ LOVE ¤ LISTENING and ¤ QUIETNESS. AKPOVETA, Philip A. is a young Minister of the Word, a Speaker, a Business Strategist, a Capacity Coach and an emerging Author. Presently, he is the Editor-in-Chief of 'YOU-NIVERSAL' Magazine and Director General of EMERALD RESOURCE INT'L (ERI), a Human Capacity development Initiative that is geared towards engineering the society for productivity. To him, the society is not the People, it is the Person. His Mandate; LIFE BY THE WORD...

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